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The Journey Ahead: What to Expect as a Pro-Bono Consultant

Shivani Kokkonda

In the journey as a pro bono consultant, you will have the opportunity to expand your horizons and develop new skills while making an impact. Know how to develop clear communication, patience, and community building through pro bono consultancy.

Are you new here? We mean, are you new to pro bono consultancy? Fret not; we will ensure you have an incredible journey with us. Read on to know what to expect and how to navigate the space called pro bono.  

To get a deeper understanding of what pro bono is and where it came from, read our blog on Introduction to Skilled Volunteering. We talk about the origins and development of volunteering space. 

As your project is confirmed and you have the initial call with NGO, you are all set to work on the project and create the impact you always wanted. 

Here are a few things you could expect as a Pro Bono Consultant joining an NGO:

  1. A Different Kind of Challenge: Pro Bono Consulting differs from traditional corporate consulting roles. For example, corporates might have big budgets for marketing and branding. But that might not be the case for social organizations. As a consultant, you would be required to think multi-directionally and find sustainable solutions. But one thing is confirmed, social organizations are here with you while finding a solution. 
  1. An Opportunity to Expand Your Horizons: Get ready to put on your versatile hat! As a pro bono consultant, just like the regular consultant project, you would work on a specific project in a stipulated time. However, you will stretch your skills to involve in other projects and learn more about sustainability, social impact, diversity, and inclusion. For example, you are a technology consultant, and the NGO wants to revamp their website for a new marketing campaign. While working on the website, you are also in touch with the marketing team to get the best out of it. That way, you will also be learning a little about marketing. 
  1. Clear-Cut Communication: Without a doubt, any consultant would know the importance of communication. Before starting the work, you will be briefed about the project, the required outcomes, and the support provided. The NGO and the team WeDoGood would be by your side throughout the project, helping you create an impact. And whenever you need more information/resources/time, don't hesitate to let the organization know because communication is key!
  1. A Chance to Connect with Your Community: It goes without saying that one of the rewarding things about pro bono is the community. You connect with people with similar interests, different backgrounds, and diverse opinions. This will allow you to build your network and helps you build skills like critical thinking, team management, and much more. Say 'Hi!' to new people and broaden your opportunities. 
  1. Discover and Unlock New Skills: Pro-bono consulting can also be an opportunity to develop new skills you may not have had the chance to practice. For example, your job doesn't require creating strategies, but you have always had a knack for it. Pro Bono Consulting allows you to work on and polish your skills. Whether it is a technical skill or a soft skill, pro bono can help you learn anything. 
  1. Practice the mantra of Patience: Let's face it, it will take time to see the impact or the results. And that is okay. You might not be able to see the difference immediately but trust us, your efforts are important, significant, and add tremendous value. While working with social organizations, we need to understand the nitty-gritty of social work, recipients, working culture and everything in between. And with that understanding comes patience.  

Heading on to a pro bono journey could be overwhelming to some, but there is nothing more adventurous and rewarding than this. From onboarding to de-boarding, there is so much that you will learn, explore, and create. From getting a chance to work with mission-driven people to developing new skills, you will experience it all.