Our Team

Shubham Prakash
Founder & CEO

Passionate | Adventurous | Sociable

Meet Shubham! He is our Founder and CEO. With a keen eye on operations, his passion for creating meaningful societal impact is unwavering. When he's not leading the charge, you'll find him trekking, savouring diverse cuisines, and delving into the fascinating realm of AI. Want to spark a conversation? Travel tales are his go-to icebreakers!

Namrata Kishan
Manager, Program

Adaptable | Vibrant | Sociable

This is Namrata, our Program Manager, turning ideas into reality with a touch of magic! She finds pure bliss in the company of music, chai, and puppies. A true psychology enthusiast with a love for online chess and comfort shows like B99 and Friends. From trekking to table tennis, every adventure is a yes, and every moment is a chance to dive into the pool of excitement for Namrata!

Anjali A
Associate, Program

Diligent | Curious | Empathetic

With a blend of strategy and execution, Anjali is a perfect fit for a Program Associate. She is an empathetic soul who loves dancing and vibing on nostalgic tunes. A true aficionado of TV and diverse cultures, she is a combination of heart and mind. Once in a while, you will also find her scrolling her time away watching food videos.

Eshanya Sethi
Associate, Digital Marketing

Artistic | Imaginative | Driven

Meet Eshanya, our Digital Marketing Associate. She is always brimming with creative ideas and an enchanting energy. An approachable, passionate person with a love for photography. Music is her refuge, and she's all ears for new recommendations. With her boundless creativity and passion for learning, she is a true force to be reckoned with.

Arti Agarwal
Lead, Operations

Adaptable | Cheerful | Organized

She is our Operations Lead, who ensures things are running smoothly in the office. Striking a perfect balance between demand and supply comes naturally to her. From time to time, you will find her immersed in conversations about travel adventures, delicious cuisine, and different cultures. With a passion for music, dancing, and playing badminton, Arti is always up for a good time and will surely bring a smile to your face.

Manvi Bairathi
Lead, Partnerships

Enthusiastic | Collaborative | Friendly

Building and maintaining relationships is one of the remarkable qualities Manvi has. And that makes her the best fit for the partnership lead role. With a love for adventure and a passion for running, Manvi is always up for a challenge, whether running a marathon or taking on a new project at work. With her adventurous spirit and boundless enthusiasm, Manvi is always full of energy.

Moumita Sen
Lead, Marketing and Outreach

Creative | Thoughtful | Balanced

She is our Lead for Marketing and Reachout, who effortlessly wins hearts with her friendly demeanour. A true people person, she thoughtfully navigates every decision, striking the perfect balance between strategy and intuition. With a soft spot for K-pop tunes and captivating dramas, she adds a touch of flair to the team. And that is Moumita for you!

Muskan Khepar
Lead, LCM

Efficient | Joyful | Dynamic

Meet Muskan, our LCM Lead. She knows precisely when to add oil for the operations to run smoothly. She brings joy to everyone around her with a smile that could light up a room. Muskan loves to dance her heart out, curl up with a good book, and say 'yes' to any adventure. With her infectious energy and can-do attitude, Muskan keeps the team lively.

Lead, Operations

Diligent | Knowledgeable | Sociable

Sanjivani is our Operations Lead. She effortlessly maintains and builds relationships with NGOs and Consultants, making her the perfect fit for the role. With a keen interest in economics, finance, and international relations, she's always up for a stimulating conversation. A fashion enthusiast, she loves to follow and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Vikas Kumar
Lead, Business Development

Collaborative | Organized | Curious

Say Hi!, to the mastermind behind WeDoGood's Business Development vertical. He takes care of everything from onboarding NGOs to ensuring they have a smooth journey with us. When he's not forging alliances, he loves to have conversations around tech, philosophy, and culture. He avidly consumes historical reads and videos based on culture.

Mansi Aggarwal
Fellow, Digital Marketing

Strategic | Adaptable | Insightful

As a Digital Marketing Fellow, with her headlight on, she is always searching for the right strategies to grow our online presence. The pages come alive for this book enthusiast, starting with biographies and now embarking on financial sagas and literary classics. She is a true Friends fanatic and a proud Potterhead who finds solace in brewing a warm cup of coffee.