Donating skills: Why should you do it?

Taking networking opportunities from 1 to 10

You will surely network with the people in the NGO you work with. But guess what? You will also interact with like-minded people who are donating their skills to social causes.Our cohort system enables you to meet passionate, creative, and selfless people like you!

Saying yes to pro bono, saying yes to soft skills

Working on various issues in NGOs is no small thing. You will learn so much from clearly conveying your point, understanding others' perspectives, leading projects, and working in teams.

Turning the impact you create into a project on your portfolio. A win-win situation

Wanting to take your resume and portfolio to a newer level is natural. But knowing how to do it might be tricky. With pro bono consulting, you get hands-on experience to use your skills, develop a product/strategy/campaign, and showcase the same on your resume.

Do your part to bring a positive change in society!

And most importantly, you break a generational cycle of poverty, you become the reason for someone's education, and you save the environment for yourself and others. It's just a matter of a couple of hours for you, but it means a lifetime's worth of benefits for someone!

What does your volunteer journey look like?


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We find right match for you

When we've found your ideal project, we will share everything about it so you can choose wisely. You can either accept the offer and move forward or you can reject the same and we will reach out with other opportunities.


Start making impact!

If you choose to move forward with the opportunity, we will get you connected with the NGO and you will be good to go for making a positive impact right from your home.

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