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Public speaking- Stepping outside your comfort zone

Hands shaking, fidgeting, shortness of breath, hating the spotlight, and a keen desire to flee. That’s how public speaking feels to most people. Whether you are a successful, confident person or an amateur, fear of public speaking is the most common fear, affecting about 75% of the people. Did you know there’s even a word for it- Glossophobia.

Volunteering as a future investment

We have all been known to overthink about the future to the point of being debilitated by anxiety. Each step is carefully planned and mapped out, everything from choosing the best possible course, trying to ace all the classes, and attending professional seminars to brush up on important skills. But even after all these preparations, doubts remain.

Self perceptions and how volunteering can help shape them

Do you believe in the same things you did as a child? Did any of your beliefs change while growing up? Perhaps entering college, starting a new phase of life shifted your ideologies or values. Maybe you are the same person you were then or maybe you have changed. It’s time to think about if something did alter and why.