Marketing Consultant

Are there any new volunteer programs that you want to promote on social media?

Do you want to make your social impact known to a broader audience?

Marketing consultants make your impact visible and help you:
  • With branding and identity, by developing a consistent, compelling brand that resonates with your target audience.
  • Effectively use social media and digital channels to reach and engage with your audience.
  • In building relationships and engaging with your audience and other stakeholders.

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How can consultants help?

Developing a social media strategy

It’s important to use social media to reach and engage with your audience. Pro bono consultants can assist you with exactly that by conducting market research, creating a content calendar, and providing guidance on best practices for using different social media platforms.

Creating an awareness campaign

If you need assistance in developing and implementing a successful fundraising campaign, use the expertise of our pro bono consultants in areas such as messaging, donor segmentation, and outreach, helping non-profits to raise more funds and engage with their donors.

Organizing a community event

From planning to executing a community event to raise awareness of your work and engage with your constituents; our pro bono consultants can provide expertise in areas such as event planning, logistics, and outreach, helping non-profits to successfully host a successful event.

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